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Evangeline Di Michele

Yoga, Breath Work & Massage Therapist

My initial training as a reflexologist was the start of a journey towards developing other intuitive healing therapies, which have become the basis of my work today.


The innate vocation I have derives from my intense and traumatic life experiences both good and bad that have shaped who I am today – someone who lives to help and empower others to be their own best resource.


 I lived in India in 2008 where I studied the philosophy of Ayurvedic therapy and felt instantly empowered and eager to learn more.


This then led to spending a month in the Sivananda ashram in Kerala learning yoga and its wisdom and after a year of intensive study, becoming a certified yoga teacher.


I am very lucky to have worked for the best people in bodywork – Louka Leppard, the founder of TULA (Tulamassage and Tulayoga) mentored me in Bali in 2014 where I developed a greater understanding of the healing power of touch, and the language of the body.


I then spent a year training and working for Alan Dolan, Breath Guru at his retreat in Lanzarote – he uses transformational breathwork to treat and help people with trauma, stress, depression and anxiety disorders.


I started my Bespoke Retreats in 2017 and continue to do so in Monmouthshire, Wales where I also teach yoga for all.


In September 2018 I enrolled in an exclusive training and mentoring program in becoming a Breathworker / Breath Coach – this has been transformational and I continue to see the rich benefits of the power of breath in my clients.


2022 will see me deliver Tulamassage training which will exclusively train women in a unique and meditative style of bodywork.


The aim is to enable them to intuitively nurture a woman’s essence back to harmony through a sensory journey of tender touch, empowering them with a lucrative wealth of body & emotional intelligence- more information will be available soon.

Evangeline Di Michele
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