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  • How much do you charge for physiotherapy appointments? 

At Artemis Integrative Physio we charge a flat rate of £45 per consultation. Each session is 50 minutes long as standard. However, occasionally custom follow up sessions may be required, for example quick follow up sessions. The price of these would be agreed in advance according to what is required. 

  • Will I be given treatment during the first session?

Where possible and in most circumstances we are able to provide treatment within the first consultation. In more complex cases this may not be possible, however, advice and support or referrals if needed are always provided. 

  • Do you provide massage as a stand alone treatment? 

As a physiotherapist Catherine does not provide massage therapy as a stand alone treatment. However, as many conditions are accompanied by, caused by or are in themselves muscular fatigue and tension, massage is regularly used within sessions as part of a treatment programme to reduce pain, improve range of movement, as part of getting to know the patients problem areas and for its more holistic benefits. Massuage can also be used in the management of fluid retention and for lymphatic drainage. 

  • Do you offer house calls / home visits? 

As standard we do not offer house calls, however, as we would not want to exclude anyone from receiving treatment they need, in certain circumstances, for example when there are advanced mobility issues or an inability to access the clinic due to transport issues we do offer home visits. These are £50 per session within the local area. 

  • I want to claim through a health care scheme or through insurance, do you have the qualifications and registrations they would need? 

Yes, most insurance providers and private healthcare schemes require certain registrations. Catherine Jones is a qualified physiotherapist who is registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health Care Profession’s Council (HCPC). 



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