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About Me.

Here is some information about me, my physiotherapy education, my areas of particular interest and my philosophy. After all.. we need to be able to get on with our therapists, its a team effort, we need to work together to reach your goals. 



BSc. Physiotherapy: 1st Class.
Cardiff University

I completed my degree in Physiotherapy whilst working in the field of sports therapy within a physiotherapy clinic. Within my degree I gained experience in the areas of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, traumatic brain injury, orthopaedics, paediatrics and elderly care. 

My dissertation was based on understanding student experiences whilst on placements. This research led me to have a particular interest in qualitative research and I was able to appreciate the importance of being able to provide an outlet for groups to present their stories. 


Msc. Physiotherapy: Distinction. 
Cardiff University

Following my degree, whilst working as a fully qualified physiotherapist I then set out to pursue my particular areas of interest in greater depth. I felt a notable dissatisfaction with treatment delivered based solely on “physical” therapy, there seemed to be too much missing in this and so I sought to more thoroughly understand the psycho-social, mind-body, factors at play in our recovery from pain and dysfunction. 

To equip me in this, I studied in greater depth; healthcare ethics, particularly in the role of private health delivery, but also, the active use of placebo. I studied biomechanics with a particular focus on the upper limb in rotational sports, and finally, I studied musculoskeletal assessment and treatment with a focus on chronic lower back pain. 

The goal of my final research study was to more deeply understand the experience of patients with chronic low back pain and how we could improve outcomes, the focus was specifically on understanding the placebo and no-cebo effects of our beliefs and expectations.  

Memberships / Registrations: 

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

  • Health Care Professions Council 

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