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Artemis Integrative physio is a physiotherapy clinic that holistically treats musculoskeletal pain and injuries in Monmouth. With a hands on approach, in each session we assess, treat and provide advice to support our clients in every step of their journey to improved well-being and recovery.

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  • We recognise that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury. We therefore provide a service that is; fairly priced, upfront about costs, with a simple pricing structure. We work with insurance providers, private healthcare schemes and we never promote unnecessary products or ongoing treatment. We are also happy to offer one-off advice sessions where necessary. ​

  • We aim to empower patients with the knowledge and understanding they need to make informed, autonomous decisions about their care.​

  • We provide both hands on and hands off therapy to suit the patient, but always alongside self-management strategies. 

  • Our treatments and approaches are informed by the best available evidence with the goal of prioritising safe and effective treatments.  

  • We aim to become a part of the community and as such, we are conscientious about those we serve. We seek to gain the trust of our patients and to develop long-term relationships. 

  • Our focus is on providing compassionate care, through listening, understanding the patient's concerns and expectations, and recognising each persons individual needs and circumstances. 

  • We aim to provide mental, emotional and physical support, to assist our clients in achieving their desired goals.  

  • We collaborate with other healthcare professionals and associates to achieve the best outcomes, always referring to others when they are better placed to assist our patients.

  • We always prioritise long term results over short term, temporary, gains, whilst attempting to provide symptomatic relief and improve the patients comfort through their recovery and rehabilitation journey. 


Artemis Integrative Physio provides a personalised, caring and honest approach to recovery. Contemporary scientific evidence guides treatment whilst traditional and holistic methods enhance results. 

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